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Millenium Kids

Sixteen-year-old Australian environmentalist Aelwen Johnstone talked about the program she leads called Millennium Kids. “Millennium Kids have a vision for our world. Our world, where all people have access to fresh water. Our world, where there is a safe place for all creatures big and small. Our world, where we care for the land and forests, the sea, rivers and wetlands. Our world, where we have clean air and less waste. Our world, where all schools learn about sustainability. Our world, where everyone works together for peace. We have a simple vision…let’s start today (because earth is the only planet with chocolate!)”

The group has hundreds of young members from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Europe as well as Australia. Johnstone recalled growing up “across from a cement plant, with no trees,” telling the audience, “l was just a little kid with a big idea. For seven years I’ve met with local, state and federal members of government. We’ve conducted workshops. Young people are uniquely qualified to offer fresh perspectives.” She said that the fact that her group is youth led makes it unusual. The intent is ‘to do project based learning – we try to bring what we’ve learned outdoors into the classroom.” Theirs is “a mission we are passionately pursuing.” She added: “We are the architects of the future.’

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